Client Services

RCBM recognises that not all companies are experienced in recruiting personnel, and many will not have a dedicated Recruitment or Human Resources function to manage the activities and pressures involved. Rather than recruiting ad hoc and continually relying on external suppliers, RCBM can offer a trusted and consistent in-house consultancy solution to meet the ever-changing requirements of your business.

Here are a few examples of where RCBM can add value to your operations:

  • Job Descriptions & Communications – it’s important to sell your business and clearly define your specific staffing requirements
  • Advertising Campaigns – identify the most relevant and cost-effective advertising solutions available to meet your objectives
  • Screening & Shortlisting – applications must be considered and consistently reviewed against your specific search criteria
  • Compliance Checks – advise what information and documentation should be requested before commencement of employment
  • Interview Management – maximise the time spent at interview and deliver a relevant structure, format and feedback process
  • Offer Management – expectations must be tightly managed and monitored throughout to ensure a positive conclusion


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