Resourcing Solutions

RCBM provides an alternative solution to the traditional recruitment services widely offered across the recruitment industry. The majority of companies claim to be different or unique with their products and services, and this rule can be applied to how employers approach recruitment. RCBM recognises that a tailored solution is required to consistently deliver the value that companies demand. We will look to gain a full understanding of your business, current operations, recruitment history and requirements before outlining how our services could be best utilised.

Here are a few areas of RCBM expertise that may be of interest:

  • Agency Management – select and manage recruitment agencies on your behalf, negotiating preferential rates and terms
  • Campaign Management – devise a proactive plan to deliver the desired quality and quantity of personnel on-time and on budget
  • Career Fairs & Exhibitions – outline and implement a comprehensive communications and marketing plan for specific events
  • Client Services – for more details and information please visit Client Services
  • Human Resources – review your existing policies and procedures, advising of any alterations and/or enhancements
  • In-House Services – fulfil a range of duties and responsibilities, acting as an extension of your own business operations
  • Payroll Services – provide advice and guidance on trusted solutions and suppliers currently available in the market
  • Search & Selection – for more details and information please visit Search & Selection
  • Strategic Planning – fully understand company objectives and core values to then devise a Talent Management strategy
  • Training Services – bespoke training courses delivered to improve the skills of your own internal recruitment personnel


For more information or to discuss your business requirements please Contact Us